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Land Reclamation
No 40

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KUPIEC J., ŁAWNICZAK A.E., ZBIERSKA J. Action reducing the outfl ow of nitrates from agricultural sources to waters on the nitrate vulnerable zone in the catchment of the Samica Stęszewska river

ŁAWNICZAK A.E. , ZBIERSKA J., KUPIEC J. Changes of nutrient concentrations in water sensitive to nitrate pollution from agricultural sources in the Samica Stęszewska river catchment
MISZTAL A., KUCZERA M. The impact of land use on the water quality of foothill microcatchment areas
OBIDOSKA G., JASIŃSKA D. Phytotoxicity and potential genotoxicity of Radiowo municipal landfill leachate
SZPORAK S., MIROSŁAW-ŚWIĄTEK D., CHORMAŃSKI J. The fl ood extent in the lower Biebrza basin calculated by the 1D flow model for different land use scenarios
ROLBIECKI R., PODSIADŁO C., KLIMEK A., ROLBIECKI S. Comparison of response of Scots pine seedlings to micro-irrigation and organic fertilization on a post-arable land at zoo -melioration treatment applied under rainfall -thermal conditions of Bydgoszcz and Stargard Szczeciński

MICHALEC B. Appraisal of suspended sediment concentration on reference level according to van Rijn's method

MALINOWSKA E., SAS W., SZYMAŃSKI A. The uncertainty of the water flow velocity data obtained in the laboratory test
LECH M., BAJDA M., MARKOWSKA- -LECH K. The use of resistivity and seismic cone penetration tests for site characterization
RABARIJOELY S. The use of dilatometer test for the determination of undrained shear strength in organic soils
WOJTASIK D. Evaluation of nonwoven geotextile as a filtration layer for internally unstable soils
WOJTASIK D. An analysis of physical, hydraulic and mechanic properties of nonwoven needle-punched geotextiles
OGLĘCKI P. Invertebrate and fish environmental preferences as the key factor for lowland riverbed biodiversity

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